Why is it worth doing a detox/cleanse during the Spring Equinox ?

On 20th March 2013 we will be experiencing the Spring Equinox(equal hours of day and night,) at this time of year there is a sudden shift of energy. During the winter our energy primarily moves up our back and down our front, but on the equinox the circulation flips and the energy then moves up our front and down out back, which has a much more expansive feel than the winter circulation.
At the specific moments when the shift takes place there is a huge surge of energy which detoxifies our cells, and we can use this opportunity, and support the process by taking part in an active detoxification plan at this time of year.

The benefits of doing a detox:
It will give your liver a break from digestion and allow it to do a spring clean.
It will bring back control into your life and natural balance into your body.
It will fuel the body and teach it to use it’s own resources efficiently.
It provides the body with the energy it requires to operate and more to mend any damage already caused.
It will rid the body of all the side effects of bad habits.
It will cleanse your system
It will enhance your circulation and improve your immune system.

I would like to recommend the Forever Living Clean 9 Plan.
I have done it twice,and it felt much more manageable compared to other fasts and cleanses I have done in the past and I felt amazing afterwards. My partner did the Clean 9 in January for the first time, lost a stone in weight and has not ventured back onto the sugar since. Even better than that, he feels empowered by the Clean 9 experience so much he has even started to talk about giving up the fags.
Clearing the diary so you can have the first 3 days to yourself, to relax and start the cleansing journey.
By resting the digestive system for the first 3 days the body has the chance to start ridding the body of some of the 5/10lbs of toxins it has been carrying around.
During this time Aloe Vera drinking gel is consumed to aid in cleaning out the digestive system, it also contains 200 natural occurring nutrients, so you are not left nutrient deficient.
Garcinia is taken 20 minutes before every meal replacement, which is herb inhibits the enzyme which converts calories to fats, and naturally suppresses appetite, this supplement contains chromium to help balance blood sugar levels.
Bee Pollen is consumed in intervals during the day to add in B vitamins which improves mood and support your cells in the energy making process.
Finally a protein shake, Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein (chocolate or vanilla) is used to boost your nutrient intake.

Once you have completed day 3, that evening you are able to eat a small healthy 500 calorie meal. YIPPEE !!
Although by this time you have probably adjusted to the solid free regime.

For the final days you continue with the supplements and eat one healthy 500 Calorie meal a day.
RESULTS: Most people lose between 5-10lbs of weight and it is a fantastic kick start into a healthier eating SPRING 2013. Your energy levels will rocket and so will your self esteem.

For those people doing the Clean 9 for weight management reasons, Nutrilean is what you could progress onto, to enable more weight loss and learn how to sustain living a healthy lifestyle.

CLick on the link below to find out more information:

<a href=<a href=""http://www.fran.myforever.biz/nutrilean/step-2/clean-9.html“>http://www.fran.myforever.biz/nutrilean/step-2/clean-9.html”&gt;


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I am a Nutritional Therapist in the network marketing business, with Forever Living Aloe Vera and Beehive products
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